Project: TV Ciencia (Online TV)
What we do

TV Ciencia is a digital media that provides coverage of the most relevant scientific events and cancer prevention activities. This project arises from the joint work with the area of Social Communication in the activities of the program UMSA Against Cancer (LUCC).
Its purpose is to produce professional audiovisual content to inform, prevent, educate and raise awareness among the community on issues of social interest, with a national and international impact, useful for cancer prevention and health promotion.

To provide scientific information to the community about health issues that contribute to the prevention and fight against cancer.

To be a digital mass media focused on preventing the incidence of cancer in Bolivia.

General Objective

To provide coverage of outstanding scientific events related to technological advances, health promotion and cancer prevention.

Specific Objectives

  • To provide coverage of scientific, technological and innovative events.
  • To make audiovisual material to inform the community about controversial and structural issues of social interest regarding health.
  • To broadcast scientific information based on reliable and trustworthy sources for cancer prevention

Proyectos LUCC