Social interaction

UMSA against cancer (La UMSA Contra el Cáncer-LUCC, Spanish acronym), was created in November 2012 the Mayor de San Andres University Council under Resolution HCU: 553/12. It is a volunteer program acquiring formality within this institution of higher education with the purpose of training their volunteers in cancer prevention, so that through social interaction activities they promote and contribute to the fight against cancer.

We contribute to the reduction of cancer morbidity and mortality through
information, prevention, assistance, volunteers training and research.

Being a leading university institution fighting cancer.

General Objective

  • To develop information, prevention, assistance,  and volunteering training projects helping in reducing cancer morbidity and mortality.

Specific Objectives

  • To promote volunteering as an expression of solidarity and commitment to our society.
  • To implement cancer-fighting projects.
  • To establish spaces for reflection and scientific discussion targeted to prevent cancer.
  • To foster the training of human talent in oncology/cancer diseases related issues.

UMSA against cancer volunteer program

Proyectos LUCC