Project: Noches de ciencia (Science Lectures)
About Us

Noches de ciencia (Science Lectures) are events for scientific discussion and academic meetings with the participation of national and international experts in various topics related to health, especially cancer. It is oriented to improve the health conditions of the Bolivian population and to promote public health policies.

To encourage events for scientific and academic discussion in a responsible, coordinated and professional manner, contributing to cancer prevention.

To be an influential media that generates spaces for reflection to improve the health conditions of the Bolivian population.

General Objective

To inform the Bolivian population about topics of interest related to cancer with reliable sources provided by scientific and academic professionals.

Specific Objectives

  • To organize seminars, discussion workshops and lectures on public health policies.
  • To plan international symposia on pathological erythrocytosis, leukemias and cell therapy.
  • To structure informative material, generated from the seminars and workshops, to support cancer prevention and health promotion activities.

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